The Beauty of a Recession — Where to Invest Now

If you came looking for stock tips, surf on. The market is too volatile. Think tangibles.

As everything crashes around us, deals abound.

The following advice is only for those out of all debt except possibly mortgage. Otherwise, the best investment you can possibly make is to pay off all the debt you can.

Assuming your pantry is stuffed to bursting, all your bills are caught up, and your garden is growing… or about to, let’s look to the future.

Winter clothes:

The kids don’t stop growing. While cool weather gear is on clearance, consider buying for the future. Simple, classic styles a size or two ahead. This goes for you, too. Nice coats, wool sweaters are all deeply discounted, yet many sizes are still available. Warm clothing= a need


My mom just got a printer for less than the ink that goes in it. Keep your eyes peeled. Try that offers a new gizmo every night at midnight. Computer, DVD player or digital are dying, now is about the best price you’ll get. Electronics (used for money making purposes)= need Otherwise, like it or not, they are wants.


I have no idea why furniture sales go to heck. Do that many people really redecorate before their furniture literally sits them on the ground? I’ve never been that financially comfortable. Well, what ever. The prices are great. So if you’ve been wanting to replace that chair that has a funny smell that the dog has chewed to shreds, go for it. Cash, paid in full, only. The only furniture that is truly a need is a mattress that gives you good enough rest to keep trudging. For the most part, like it or lump it, furniture is a want.


Oh, there are deals here, but I generally consider them thoroughly in the want not even close to need category. Too bad. Surf to some other blog to learn about them.

The general theory — once you are paying for an 80% off item, you are paying less than the store did for it. Yippeee!

(Neighbor Nancy looks over her glasses and contemplates the recliner with all the exposed wood due to the cats wrong assumption that it is their clawing post. She dismisses the idea, realizing the money is still better spent on canning jars.)


What wonderful thing


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