Cleaning Quick Tip: The Coffee Pot

Oh, hello. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were here. I’ve just been so darn busy getting the garden ready. I just came in to get a cup of coffee.

Oh dear! Just look at that pot.

Forgive me. I’m just gonna grab the white vinegar and run a half pot of it through the coffee maker a few times. Just recycle it over and over, until it doesn’t get any darker.

You might want to open the window or hang out on the porch swing. It is going to smell like the house is being taken over by a giant salad.

Don’t worry. As the smell clears, it gets rid of other odd household odors with it. Clean, sparkly coffee maker, clean air, clean sinuses. Lovely.

Oh yes, don’t forget to run clean water through the pot a couple of times or your coffee will be… um… terrible. But then, it will taste a million times better.

Certainly hang onto that gross used coffee maker vinegar. I have another job for it another time.

Click here for Cleaning the Microwave with that coffee vinegar

(Neighbor Nancy hands you a giant cup of fresh, aromatic coffee.)

Now, what did you come to chat about today?


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  1. Great!
    I’ll be right over with the Sour Creacm Coffee Cake.

  2. great tip… we go thru tons of coffee at the inn 🙂

    think i’ll go brew another pot now.. thanx
    gp in mt

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