Waiting-for-Payday Recipes: Creamed Spinach or Swiss Chard

Hi there! How are you tonight? You look a little tired.

Well, I have just the thing for you. Loaded with iron, b vitamins and more potassium per serving than bananas, I offer you my favorite frugal vegetable side.

Sometimes, I even serve it on top of something plain like baked chicken. Oh, it is just scrumptious!

Creamed Spinach or Swiss Chard (for fresh or frozen)

Over medium-low heat:
Melt 2 Tablespoons of butter or margarine. Stir in 2 Tablespoons of flour. Heat until the mixture bubbles and looses its starchy smell. It should smell like butter popcorn, when it is ready.

Canned evaporated milk method:
Stir in a 1/2 cup of evaporated (not condensed) milk.
Add a package of undrained semi-thawed frozen spinach. Heat and stir until the the whole mixture thickens.

Jug milk method:

Thaw and drain the spinach and stir in 1 cup of regular milk. Heat and stir until the the whole mixture thickens.

Either way, salt and pepper to taste. Personally, I find it takes more salt than you would expect, but to each his own.


1. If you are using fresh spinach or swiss chard, use the jug milk method.

Or add 1/2 cup of water to the canned evaporated milk method.

2. For people who are not fond of the vegetable itself, turn down the heat a little and let it cook longer to soften the texture and flavor. Swiss Chard has a milder flavor than spinach, just so you know.

3. Oh you wanted that in a cheese sauce? Just add about 1 cup of your favorite cheddar, shredded. Add it when the sauce is close to ready and stir it to melt smoothly into the sauce.

Oh, dear! I’ve done it again. I have made myself crave something just because I wrote about it. Let’s see… I know I froze some swiss chard last summer…

(Neighbor Nancy buries her head further into the deep freeze, as a very heavy frozen pork loin lands at her feet and skis across the floor in its icy vacuum pack.)

You had better just sneak out the back door. You know how she gets, when she digging in the freezer.

Just be sure to come back tomorrow night for this weeks edition of “Neighborly Advice.” You’ll be up to your ears in learn-a-new-skill adventures.


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