Neighborly Advice: Vol 2 — Beginner Projects for Every Age

Climb over the fence and join your neighbors in a learning adventure.

Climb over the fence and join your neighbors in a learning adventure.

With beginner articles on kool-aid dye, spinning wool, kids’ activities, natural egg dyes, keeping chickens, line drying clothes, making applesauce, finding your sanity, pickling eggs, frugal groceries, growing peas, tomatoes and even worms, we’ve got quite a bit of neighborly advice this week. Grab a cup of coffee and join us…

In The Kitchen

We begin with King Biscuit Pants and a wonderful method for the flavorful long-ish term storage of eggs. I have decided that if he eats too many of these I will simply rename him to King Crackle Fannie.

Shu’s Pickled Eggs

Here is a blogger of my own heart offering good advice on getting more food for less.

Frugal Grocery Shopping

Tracey has a quick tip for

The Most Perfect Rice You’ve Ever Eaten

Next, we will go visit Joel and Dana, who are using up their storage apple for a delicious endeavor. They have plenty of pictures so you can learn how, also.

How to Make Your Own Applesauce

Whew! Was it warm in there or am I having hot flashes? Let go see what’s going on…

In The Sewing Room

Hm. That shirt looks a little faded. Maybe you should perk it up.

How to dye with kool-aid

Grap your drop spindle, 'cause Einstein is ready for his Spring hair cut

Grap your drop spindle, 'cause Einstein is ready for his Spring hair cut

That’s better.

Spinning your own yarn doesn’t require an expensive spinning wheel or even sheep, for that matter.

Drop Spindle Spinning

Now, let’s go visit Melissa, who is knitting away on the back porch swing. She will offer you encouragement for your first simple knitting project.

First Ribbed Hat — Where Do I Begin?

Oh dear! Do you hear that? It sounds like the washing machine is off balance. We better run to see what’s going on…

In the Laundry Room

Aparna offers some simple advice to help keep your sinuses happy and you better rested.

Beware of Dust Mites on Your Pillows

Sometimes we forget some of the simplest frugal ideas. The Greenest Dollar will get you started with…

How to Line Dry Your Clothes

My clothesline is next to a mock orange bush. When I dry our clothes there, while it is blooming… Hoo boy! Delicious clothes. Makes me wish I was a goat so I could eat them.

Since we are already outside, let’s check out what’s growing…

In The Garden

You know your garden will be great, when you have an extension agent on your side. Ladybug at the University of Connecticut offers us a nice how-to for pea planting. Just remember, to check my “What to Plant Now” post for what timing is appropriate in your neck of the woods.

Time to Plant Peas

Of course, just about every vegetable gardener’s first experience is with tomatoes. So we have some neighborly advice here too.

Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Our neighbor, Mary will help you turn your kitchen waste into beautiful, rich soil with a little help from her friends.

My New Best Friend–A Worm

Run get your sugar free non marshmellow peep.

Click here to learn about getting started with your own Beginner's Flock of sugar free non marshmellow peeps.

Speaking of critters, let’s check out the new arrivals…

In The Backyard Barnyard

Every month Gina, takes question, shares reader photos and offers great advice. Sign up for your free subscription to…

Keeping Chickens Newsletter

For heavens sake, what are those boisterous children up to? We’d better take a peek at what’s going on…

Up In The Tree House

Try an old fashioned method for coloring eggs this weekend from DaVinci’s classroom

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Keep kid’s busy with this wealth of activities site from our neighbors across the pond

10 Inspiring Ideas for a Rainy Day

Now, while the kids are occupied for a bit, how about a little work on your own sanity.

In The Mind

There won’t be any new adventures taking place, if your feeling less than lovely. Here are two articles from neighbors that care.

5 Body-based Paths to Happiness

Owning Yourself Introduction: Making the Choice

Well, that’s it for this week. Here are links to some other editions

Neighborly Advice Vol 1pizza dough, making jam, using a pressure cooker, learning to knit, rescuing lost stitches, adding goats to your backyard

Neighborly Advice Vol 3 — grocery budgets, foraging free food, starting a garden, seed tape, hemming pants, chickens, turkeys, fruit trees, goat cheese, fermentation, kid’s activities and my favorite book sale

Neighborly Advice Vol 4 — making marshmallows, starting a garden, planting potatoes, herbs and onions, charming row markers, slow-roasted tomatoes, foraging free food, kids’ activity to-do list, 100 ways to cook eggs, tabletop gardening, and even starting an aquarium

If you have a “How-to” article you would like to share, drop me a line at

Join us here in the Meebo box at the right on Saturday night around 9pm East coast time. We will be opening up the Neighborly Advice chat room. Meet your neighbors, share advice, recipes, whatever. I do hope you’ll come… and bring a friend or two.

Of course, there will be virtual coffee and and warm Philadelphia Sticky Buns.

Hop the back fence for the Saturday night Neighborly Advice chat room.

Hop the back fence for the Saturday night Neighborly Advice chat room.

So, which article was you favorite?

What would you like to see more of?

What new thing are you going to try?


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  1. Please subscibe me to you web site. THIS is the kind of information we frugal folks need! Especially in these uncertain times. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for featuring the ooffoo article. And the “dye with kool-aid” article is brill!

  3. […] 17, 2009 by Joel Time for another step-by-step article.  Neighbor Nancy has been providing weekly updates from a community of writers who are sharing how-to articles like […]

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