Cleaning Quick Tip: Wood Stain All Over … Me!

Well, hi there. Here’s a little quickie I discovered after I made a giant mess of … myself.

On its back, the freshly stained bracket awaits the next step.

On its back, the freshly stained bracket awaits the next step.

A friend, who is a talented wood worker, made me a lovely bracket for my grain mill. I had been aching to mount it on the wall in the kitchen, but was afraid I might rip the whole wall down, if I did it myself.

My job was to finish it. I applied the wood conditioner, then the cherry stain.

Well, there weren’t any gloves around and I was very eager to finish my part so that it could be mounted.

I’m sure you can imagine just how messy a novice stainer might get. Oh, I was now a lovely cherry color thoroughly past my wrists.

Now what?

When I got to the sink I stood there a moment contemplating. Then I spied the salt that was not put in the cabinet earlier. Salt is supposed to absorb things, right?  You bet!

So with a few drop of dish detergent and about a tablespoon of salt, I easily scrubbed away all that cherry stain soaked into my skin.

I was shocked and thrilled.

So the next time you get over eager with the wood stain, remember….

Cum Grano Salis


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  1. Thanks for the tip!!

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