Neighborly Advice: Vol 3 — Where to Begin

Hop the back fence for a little neighborly advice for beginner's

Hop the back fence for a little neighborly advice for beginners

With beginner articles on grocery budgets, foraging free food, starting a garden, seed tape, hemming pants, chickens, turkeys, fruit trees, goat cheese, fermentation, kid’s activities and my favorite book sale, we are full of advice

…or, at least, full of… something.

You neighbors have a zillion tips. So, grab a cup of coffee and a fresh, warm Philadelphia Sticky Bun let’s see what everybody’s up to.

The biggest problem with being a creative, frugal, productive person is the clutter that accumulates. Personally, I’m a sucker for windows from the garbage heap. I think yo myself, “Ooo, that would make a lovely hot box.” Of course, as of yet there is nary a hot box to be found on this property. Although there are about 10 windows waiting for me.

I guess it’s time for…

Reorganization — At Long Last

Okay, enough of that for today. What smells so good?

In the Kitchen

Oh, it is Joel and Dana with another wonderful tutorial

How to Make Your Own Turkey Gravy

Mm! I can just feel my arteries clogging. Scrumptious! Well, how about we balance that out a bit with a great list from FitBuff. So, grab an apple and check out:

Top 10 Lower Cholesterol Foods

Our next article comes from Heather, whose site looks like what I imagined mine would look like when I first started. She is obviously a kindred spirit. She offers ” a reminder that coupons are not the only way to save money in your food budget.”

Tightwad Tuesday: Talking Grocery Budget

Pickles, sauerkraut and fermenting. Oh my!

Pickles, sauerkraut and fermenting. Oh my!

Here’s a nice article with good resources on getting started with fermenting. I’ve got my crocks. I can’t wait to get started.

Homestead Critters on Your Countertop

More fermenting? Yup, ’cause it’s just so darn cost efficient.

Home Brewing to Save Money ( and have fun )

Confession: I absolutely ache to own dairy goats. You know, just two little Nigerian Dwarfs to provide milk, soap and, of course cheeeeese. Our next article shows just how simple the cheese making process can be.

Making Goat Cheese

Did you know it was that easy? Me neither.

My goodness! What is all that chatter going on…

In The Sewing Room

Oh, it’s a debate over sew and no-sew hemming methods. You’ll just have to check them all out and decide what will work for you.

How to Hem Pants — No Sew Method

How to Hem a Pair of Pants — Blind Hem Tutorial

How to Hem Pants into Shorts, Then Use the Pant Leg to Make a Hat

My those three just have such different ways for everything. I get a charge out of them.

Let’s head out to the back porch to see what Melissa is up to.

Oh dear, she has fallen asleep in the hammock with her knitting. Give me a moment here I just want to remove her project before she pokes an eye out.

(Neighbor Nancy covers Melissa with a warm blankey and giggles quietly as Melissa lets out a giant snore.)

We’d better tiptoe down the porch steps and see what’s growing…

In The Garden

Our first article was actually information I was try to dig up about this time last year. I guess I should have started the magazine sooner.

How to Make Your Own Seed Tape

Oh dear! You’re not even sure how to begin your garden? Have no fear. Go Green Thumb is here to walk you through the process.

Starting an Organic Vegetable Garden

And since I am crippled from working on our new orchard, I think everyone should know…

How to Plant a Fruit Tree

Just look at those silly chickens play in the freshly dug holes!

In The Backyard Barnyard

Nothin’ says frugality like some easy to care for backyard poultry. With two different authors, on two different topics, it should be easy peasy to get started.

Raising Turkeys for Fun and Profit: Basic Facts and Terminology

Raising Chickens for Meat and Eggs

What the heck is all that dad-blasted noise? Oh, it just all the kids…

Up In The Tree House

Well, it looks like they are up to some interesting project. Let’s take a peek.

Making a Backyard Weather Station

Very nifty!

Every tree house should have its own little shelf full of wonderful books. Grab your binoculars or just pretend with your hands. Here are…

Three Bird Books For Spring

I like to test the structural soundness of my tree house by weighing it down with as many books as possible. So, since it’s that time of year again, I offer you advice on my favorite source of children’s books.

Your Local Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale

Let’s finish our visit by going for a walk. I think you should see one way we can find some free food

In The Wild

I told my mom about the following article. She’s so excited she just may pop. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, too. I know I did.

How to Forage for Pine Nuts

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you found something to keep you frugally busy.

Climb over the fence and join your neighbors in a learning adventure.

Climb over the fence and join your neighbors in a learning adventure.

Join the neighborly discussion Saturday night at 8pm. All you have to do is type in the Meebo box at the right so I can pull you into the chat room.

If you are a blogger with a beginner “how-to” article, please feel free to e-mail me the link.

Missed the other editions? Click below:

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What are you going to try?

Which was your favorite article?

Are you going to the book sale?


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  1. Thank you for hosting the carnival and including my article. 🙂

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