Neighbor Nancy’s Mysterious Labotomy

(Neighbor Nancy stares blankly at the screen with just the slightest hint of drool at the edge of her parted lips)


I have total writer’s block.  Ferocious, evil, mind-numbing writer’s block.

If you have a question, concern, hint, tip, kick in the seat of the pants for me, please fire away.

Questions on homesteading,budgeting, getting-by, frugality, baking, cooking,gardening, backyard livestock, a particular vegetable, fruit,critter, whatever.   I am soooooo stuck.

E-mail it. Meebo it. Skywrite it.

Somebody pass me a sticky bun and a topic, please.

(Neighbor Nancy covers her head with her apron and slumps into a quality pout.)


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  1. OH that’s writer’s block? When I stare into the abyss as you so perfectly described, I thot it was my “mommy-heimers” acting up! LOL!

    Spring fever has hit in the desert south west so I’ve been too busy loving warm weather and haven’t been around too much…

  2. Thanks for the support and inspiration. The recipes will take some digging so hang in there. And the Asthma….we’ll see what I can dig up.
    Ship me an email with more about it. How it works. When it flares up. What if anything has helped an attack in the past. I may at least have a book recommendation if nothing else.

  3. You, I will address in a post with a counter question. Be prepared…heeheehee

  4. There you go, kiddo. Thank you so much for the inspiration and support.

  5. Ooo, wonderful! hang in there and let me see what I can do. Thank you so much for the inspiration

  6. A post about edamame growing would be appreciated.
    In one of your earlier (appartment)gardening posts you mentioned that everybody could grow edamame in pots. Despite all the containersize specific posts, I never saw anything else abour edamame – though I may have overlooked it, in which case I apologise.
    I’ve tried edamame once and appreciated the taste/texture, but they aren’t sold here in Denmark, neither fresh nor frozen, so I wanted to grow some myself after seeing your mention of it. I had to order the seeds from Britain, and they don’t seem very fertile – only about 1 in 5 has sprouted. Which probably means that I’ve done it wrong somehow.

  7. Hi Nan,

    If you have any tips on how to get homemade granola to cluster, without adding tons of oil or sugar, feel free to offer up a post on that! I’ve been tinkering with my granola recipe the fiance’ requested “clusters”) so far with little success.

  8. oh neighbor nancy, i just love you! you are so funny (lobotomy). oh brother, well, i’ve just missed hearing from you at all. i don’t even care what you talk about. you could always just share some more stories (like the one about the rooster) or something like that. although i vote “yes” on providing more recipes when you don’t have much in your pantry. my husband is very very picky & i have a hard time EVERYDAY trying to figure out what I can put on the table that will “pass” inspection. seriously, it’s not THAT bad, but i could definitely use any inspiration you might have regarding quick, healthy, or just plain easy dinners that are good. thanks for all you do! I’m just happy to hear from you at all!

  9. I can relater to writer’s block as well as a dozen or so other psychological maladies, so here are 2 things I hope will get your juices flowing. Ideas for cooking turkey thighs, my favorite part of the bird and dirt cheap, for 6 bucks i can feed the 5 of us twice so I always can go for ideas (though i usually use the soda based glaze on my blog) and home remidies for sever asthma (of which I am an acute & uninsured sufferer), hope that helps love the blog. dom

  10. What are some of your most favorite “getting-by” recipes? You know, where the moneys run out, the pantry and the freezers don’t look like a restaurant walk-in yet you make a dazzling dinner that feeds four for 2 days?

    I always love these recipes, I find I am most creative when I have “nothing” to cook with.

  11. Three on vegetables.

    At what point do you wrap the heads on cauliflower? Do the white heads as you see them in stores come up first or do they only come up as a result of tying up the heads?

    What is the proper way to care for brussel sprouts? When do you start cutting off the leaves on the stalk, or do you?

    With Georgia Collards, at what size do you begin harvesting the leaves?

  12. Regarding grazing and movement, what types of livestock would be feasible for a home lot in a subdivision, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 an acre? Of course, assuming no stupid, draconian laws exist eliminating the possibility of doing so.

  13. What is the best way to design your budget? Starting with no budget what are the good foundational steps to begin with? How do you progress with it?

    How much can homesteading (fruit, veggies, dairy)reduce or eliminate some of the costs in your budget? Or even better, how much can it positively affect your budget by turning expense into income?

  14. Jelly, how can we frugally and efficiently go about our cheery, sticky bun ways of making homemade jelly. Being that I have 4 blueberry bushes AND a blackberry bush on the way I would love to know how to make jelly without looking like a muzzle coated black bear.

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