How To Plant Potatoes In Containers — Tons Of Options

Whether you are trying to avoid contaminated soil or teach the whole first grade where in tar-nation their food comes from, growing potatoes in containers is a fascinating pursuit.

Potatoes are nifty in that all the good stuff is going on under ground away from your curious eyes. Unless you are planting them in those giant clear plastic snack barrel, you never really know what’s going on under there until you dig ’em up. Surprise! There they are.

Let’s take a look at a variety on container methods.

Just click the link that interests you.

Growing Potatoes … Straw — highly recommended for busy, busy teachers or anyone else that wants perfect, no-dig potatoes. Notice that the timing mentioned is for a specific locale. Now, combine this idea with any container below. a Plastic Bag — plus good basic potato growing info.

…in Pots

… in Tires

… in a Garbage Can

… in a Wire Cage — perfect for those odd pieces ( 10 feet ) of welded wire or chicken wire left over from some other project

… in Biodegradable Boxeslook about half way down the page

or simply

… in a Bag of Compost.

For more on the basics of potato growing, I highly recommend Cornell’s clear, concise guide for the home gardener. Click here for potatoes.

For more gardening articles, check the beginner gardening category on the right.

Happy planting!

Any other ideas?


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  1. Can you tell me what you were trying to look at when you received the error?

  2. Hey, I just seen that on occasion this website shows a 403 error. I figured you would like to know. Regards

  3. well, neighbor nancy, i’ve got little spud leaves poking up now! thanks to your inspiration!
    I get so excited every day that I go out there & some new growth popping up who knows where! I hope you’re having a good time gardening too! BTW, are you on facebook?

  4. Hi Neighbornancy, Enjoyed catching up on all your activities. My potatoes (in tyres) are leaping up. In previous years I’ve covered them too much and for too long, resulting in a poor crop of weedy little knobs very late in the season. However, I may have overdone the benign neglect this year, and get my harvest when spuds are cheap in the shops. So beware. Ho hum.
    Beans, herbs, raspberries and quail doing well. I’ve had 233 eggs by now!
    Keep blogging

  5. We have harvested a few potatoes from pots this year. So far it’s been our favorite thing from the garden (cooked with rosemary), though the mustard greens (forget how the wife seasoned those) ran a close second.

    Maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but 1) potatoe roots don’t go that deep and 2) if you keep piling dirt around the stem you get more potatoes. SO….. I would reccomend not filling the pot all the way and then add dirt around the stem as it grows.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. thanks neighbor nancy! this is just what I needed! for some reason, i am very interested in trying the “trash can” method. so, thanks for your help. we’ll see!

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