You’re Eating WHAT from the Lawn?! — A Quick Quiz

What are these four food found in my front lawn?

What are these 4 foods found in my front lawn?

Here’s the deal. Name as many as you can and offer at least one use for each.

Serious and silly answers are welcome.

As this will launch a series of adventures, if you have an actual recipe using any of the above as a main ingredient, please e-mail it to That way you can get credit and be a featured recipe in the neighborhood.

Go ahead, guess! I double dog dare you.

(Neighbor Nancy reties her apron and heads out to pick a zillion of “C” for an upcoming recipe.)

Note: 5/8/09 — Oh, I am very entertained!  Get your guesses in.  Answers will be in this Saturday morning edition of “Neighborly Advice.”   Tomorrow’s theme is “Neighborhood Gone Wild”

BTW, forgive the picture, it will not stop raining here.  Lighting is terrible.

Hint — the stem on “B” is square.


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  1. 1. Wild onions
    2. Clover
    3. Violets (yes, they are edible so are the leaves)
    4. Dandelions

    We throw them all in salads. My kids eat them all raw fresh from the lawns. No we do not spray anything here!

  2. I know violets and dandelion for sure. But that’s it. I have a depression era dandelion wine recipe. I may have another dandelion recipe where you cook the greens too. 🙂

  3. Fun!
    A. looks like Chives but who has those in the yard? 🙂 Wheatgrass?
    C.violets (makes pretty edible addition to desserts)
    D.dandelion (good salad greens and flours I guess you just toss them in for color mmm!)
    Jessie (newby-to your blog)

  4. okay neighbor nancy, here goes…
    A.) Chives or ramps (put them on baked potatoes or in place of green onions in any recipe or just even as a garnish)
    B.) Lemon Balm or some type of mint? (make tea)
    C.) Sweet Violet (put it on top of frosting on a cake, candy them, or freeze them in ice cubes for pretty spring drinks)
    D.) Dandelion (make wine or use the young leaves as salad greens)

  5. hee hee keep guessing guys!

  6. A. No idea
    B. Clover
    C. Violet
    D. Dandelion

    Dandelions, clovers, and violets all work well together in salad, though freeing the dandelion can help take away the bitter taste.

  7. I think its:
    A – onion grass
    B – clover
    C – violets
    D – Dandelion

    No personal recipes, but made dandelion muffins recently!

  8. A. Chives – you can use it anywhere!
    B. No clue??
    C. Looks like violets – can you eat those?
    D. Dandelion – to gross to go there

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