Planting Soybeans (Edamame) Quick Guide

Just a quickie about planting soybeans (edamame ) in the garden.

Soybean (edamame) spacing —  After last frost at about the same time as corn

If possible, soak seeds overnight to help germination.

Saying is: “if it is dry don’t even try.”

Plant about 1″deep.

In containers: 2″ spacing

In Rows: 6-10 seeds per foot with 15-30″ between rows

Intensive deep bed: Spread (scatter) seeds evenly to create about 3-4″ between plants in any direction  ( This one is an estimate.  It leaves more spacing due to lack of rows, but also nearly eliminates the need to weed after decent leaf developement

Square foot: 16 per square  ( possibly more )

Farm seeding rate: 80 pounds per acre

For higher yield and more nitrogen for the soil, try inoculating them.  Outstanding for crop rotation or in the planting season before introducing an orchard.

Sorry just a quickie, but I kept getting searches for this. In my zone, this is still 3 week away in my notes.


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  1. I found my seeds online at

  2. The tiny seed packets can be a bit tough to find… Try Peaceful Valley, which can be found at organic, regular they’ve got it all. They market toward larger gardens and farms however a little site digging or a simple phone call might get you the exact amount you want.

  3. I want to plant some in a container + take it from Mi. to Fl. with me in the winter but I cannot find them in the Gr. Rapids, Mi. area -would you tell me where I might find them here?

  4. Never heard that! 🙂 I eat ’em as I pick and I don’t seem to be dead yet Delicious. However, raw soybeans should not be fed to laying hens. Humans yes, chickens no


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